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Planning for your future staffing needs? Planning for your future staffing needs is a complicated task for which you must carry out a:

  • Comprehensive workforce analysis
  • Succession planning

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Strategic Workforce Planning

To ensure that critical competencies are maintained in the organisation long before individuals leave the rolls, you must:

Evaluate the competencies of the current workforce

Understand what competencies are needed in the future

Plan to have enough employees owning these competencies

Maintain good relationships between Employers and Employees

With this analysis and planning, you can effectively tailor your recruitment strategies to obtain the talent you require. The next step is to streamline and innovate your Personnel Policies and Approaches.


With our extensive database we match our candidates to your vacancy/job profile. For any function category we can offer you candidates, women and men, who are highly motivated and prepared for the job. These individuals have been screened and selected from a large number of high calibre applicants. A ‘compatible personality’ is as important as skills, accordingly our consultants assess each candidate for personality-fit to your culture as well as assessing their expertise. Administrative candidates are tested for computer competency, and skills are assessed in a variety of desktop programs, additional to standard speed and accuracy testing. We offer this quality placement service to employers seeking to fill their vacancies in the shortest possible time. Our candidate can join you next week!



This selection method is your solution for fulfilment of executive positions and to engage the best professionals. Whether you wish to conduct advertised or non-advertised search, our customised recruitment process will ensure that you get the quality that best meets your needs. From salary packaging advice through to assistance with negotiation of the job offer, Genius Consultancy can provide you with the most complete executive recruitment service you’ve ever experienced. Our extensive databank of executive candidates combined with our recruitment technology, gives us the edge in delivering you the best candidates. Over the past years Genius Consultancy’s executive staff selection was combined with our unique Assessment Centre method.

We have a great reputation to keep up and that is why this method is updated frequently, to keep in pace with your executive staffing needs. Genius Consultancy offers the facilities of specialised assessors for conducting competence assessment and profiling of candidates. Our consultants are experienced in developing and conducting assessment centres. Besides our behavioural interviewing technique to select for key competencies, we use simulations and aptitude tests. Candidates undergo an in-depth selection process to determine suitability for the job. We deliver you people with the best quality profiles and who match any specific competency.


An ‘AC’ contrary to what might be expected is not some kind of ‘institute’, but the name for a range of personnel selection instruments. The main purpose of an AC is to expose a number of applicants to a variety of testing techniques. Tests are specifically designed to allow the candidates to demonstrate (under standardised conditions) the skills, knowledge and attitude that are most essential for success in a given job. An Assessment Centre is the next best thing to physically observing performance in the workplace. Research has shown that reliance upon an interview alone for staff selection is not the most accurate method for determining which candidate will perform best in the actual workplace. Incorporating an Assessment Centre into your recruitment and selection process will improve selection accuracy significantly. The activities built-in the Assessment Centre may be conducted over the space of a day or several days, depending upon the complexity of the process adopted. Use of an Assessment Centre also enables organisations to assess large numbers of candidates more quickly than traditional methods alone.

Assessment Centres are organised in our training & conference space, to accommodate a large number of applicants and assessors. Genius Consultancy involves trained observers and assessors who utilise a variety of techniques. The effort to combine tests, interviews, assignments and so on makes an AC also a challenge for the team of assessors. The outcome is obvious: it gives a broad as well deep insight in the quality of the candidates. This makes an AC a transparent and interesting event for both sides and allows comparing the top-ranking candidates on specific differences. These specific differences help us in determining a rational choice (as far as this is human-wise possible). The method avoids the blind spots in a too small group of selectors.

Many organisations have experienced our unique combination of Assessment Centre and team building exercise. The team (or department) after being trained in some of the AC-techniques, it is then able to experience and compare qualities of candidates in an almost real work setting. This has great teambuilding effects (learning new competencies) and what’s more: The final candidate is no longer a stranger and will join in the team straightaway… Our qualified Assessment Centre facilitators can conduct training of assessors and manage the entire process from start to finish. Our Assessment Centres consist of a variety of exercises. Standard are our interviews and ‘In-Basket’ exercises, which contain situations similar to what can be found in the job. Depending on the type of function we include aptitude tests, verbal skills exercises, performance simulations, interviews, role-play exercises, report writing, case studies, computer literacy tests, as well as exercises to assess leadership.