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Organisational Change

Genius Consultancy provides an excellent framework for managing organisational change and create the perfect focus on your human resources.

When your organisation is growing and you are looking for ways to get more control over your personnel, you might be ready for change.

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Performance Management helps organizations manage their personnel by improving management control, facilitating information flow, motivating employees, and generating a structured performance review system.


Quality Assessment & Performance Development involves a combination of staff screening, aptitude tests, and competence development exercises to obtain a comprehensive analysis of each individual's competence and development potential. This information can benefit organizations by providing a fresh view of their workforce, understanding the connection between staff and corporate mission, and providing input for staff reorganization


We believe that teams are powerful performance tools for organizations, providing both personal and professional growth opportunities for individuals and improving productivity. Teams have a unique work culture, in which all members are accountable and contribute to the development of the skills needed to perform their tasks. Genius Consultancy offers services for teams of all sizes, from three people to entire organizations. The company provides team analysis, custom workshops, and leadership training to help newly formed and established teams achieve success.


Genius Consultancy provides a comprehensive management development program to assess the managerial qualities of individuals and evaluate internal career opportunities. The assessment is done at four levels: new recruits, current staff in a supervisor position, staff in any position for occurring management vacancies, and managers who qualify for the position of Director. The program combines selection, coaching, and training, and is based on the assessment of behavior, job capability, functional competencies, and development potential. Genius Consultancy uses several test methodologies and performance simulations to meet the individual needs and corporate standards. The pricing for these customised programs is a package deal and discounts may be applicable. A consultant will be appointed to understand the requirements and objectives, and provide information about the pricing possibilities that meet the budget