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Genius Consultancy is a leading provider of financial and investment advice. We specialize in providing our clients with tailored solutions to meet their specific financial needs and goals. Our services range from private equity finance to investment advisory and wealth management.

With a team of experienced professionals, we have a deep understanding of the financial markets and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our approach is based on thorough research and analysis, and we always take a long-term view when making investment decisions.

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Private Equity

This is a primary channel for business financing for Genius Consultancy. We work with private equity personnel, venture capitalists, and business investment centers to identify potential projects that can address market demand gaps and solve problems in the community or nation. We also host seminars to showcase multi-sector projects and create familiarity and confidence with their Private Equity partners. A part of our investment portfolio is done under corporate social responsibility (CSR), which enables their clients to fully exercise their potential in the supply model. Genius Consultancy provides administrative skills in the preparation and execution of the portfolios, believing that CSR helps create potential portfolios made from entrepreneurs, business owners, startups, etc.

Financial Institution

Retainer Service

Our engagement under retainers for financial services are on a monthly basis. This consists of various tailor-made deliveries such as financial reporting, secondment of staff (labour lease), the purpose for which is to upkeep the controls of the company and maintain consistency.

Accounting Consultancy

We offer secondment services in accounting, providing real-time reporting, tax advisory, and growth recommendations. We assert discipline in standard operating procedures over the flow of information to enable effective and timely reporting. Our accounting services include designing chart of accounts for reliable reporting, sales and cash flow reports, and variance analysis to identify and resolve problems. We also aim to enhance the performance and skill set of the company through their insightful service base.

Tax Consultancy

We provide tax consultancy services, ensuring compliance to taxation laws through timely submission of tax returns, tax budget planning, and management of supporting documents. Computation of taxes is managed through a simple checklist based on a timeline, and accessibility of information allows for prompt response and successful tax audits.


Genius Consultancy offers an integrated service platform to address challenges faced by investors in Tanzania. They have a wide network and expertise in various fields including agriculture, aquaculture, and technology services. Their alliances and partnerships allow for collaboration with stakeholders and accurate execution of supply and demand aspects. Genius Consultancy engages experts to create a resilient team and ensure project success. Their networking and connectivity stretch across Eastern Subsaharan Africa and South East Asia, allowing them to source reliable information and resources for investment opportunities.