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Genius Consultancy offers advisory services which include:

  • Feasibility studies/ Business write ups
  • Growth Reporting
  • Internal Audit and Research
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Feasibility studies/ Business write ups

Genius Consultancy explores hand-picked project with great potential as we carefully calculate the outcome of the project and invest our resources so as to ensure the prospectus is aligned with the plans. A feasibility study is designed to showcase the potential of the investment as it identifies both the known costs and the projected benefits. Feasibility studies are one of our staple services, we provide business write up services that powers our investment centre. This unleashes a tied-down macro-economic markets, challenges in compliance, and improves the supply model through our internal audit and research department. It analyses all of the critical aspects of a project in order to determine the probability of completing it successfully.

Growth Reporting

Internal Audit and Research

Our internal audit process is a by-product of the investment arm as it provides a wealth of knowledge for the feasibility study. The information brings insight with the right level of proximity and stipulates valuable data used in creating traction for inciting investors and creating confidence.

Our internal audit also focuses on creating a strategic report that is a product of our research and development in providing tactical solutions with special focus on innovation, product development and diversification, product differentiation so as to create distinctiveness in the market and thinningout the competition, increasing brand loyalty, sales, and growth. Types of Audit: Operational Audits & Financial Audit/ Due Diligence